Bubble Ball is a sight to see and really attracts players through it's laughable bumps during play. Don't let the laughs fool you though, playing Bubble Ball activities is one of the BEST workouts you can get!

Bubble Bash keeps your experience unique through different game modes that are out of this world FUN and THRILLING - all while maintaining SAFE play!


Our events start with Bubble Boot Camp, which is our way of getting your group of friends acclimated to being in the Bubble - because it is not every day you get to wear a giant bubble right??


You'll receive a brief rules introduction, stretch, and conduct a relay race to get the blood flowing. Then you're ready for the best Bubble Games out there!

What games do you play?

  • Bubble Soccer

  • Bubble Royale

  • Bumpin' Jams

  • Bubble 500

  • Bumpin' Bumpin' Bubbles

All of our games are competitive and make EXCELLENT Team Building activities!


Are you ready to have the time of your life? Check out our packages next to see which works best for you!

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